Regulatory Agency: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP)
Contaminants: Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Remediation: Engineering Control and Limited Soil Excavation and Offsite Disposal
Scope: Lump Sum Remediation to Closure: Investigate, Investigate, Design/BuildProject Summary

  • Careful evaluation of site characterization data highlighted the potential benefits of conducting a site-specific risk assessment.
  • Specific risk assessment protocols and procedures were chosen that exceeded the ACT 2 requirements to add technical weight to the findings.
  • Requirements for active remediation were eliminated and PADEP closed the case.
  • ESI was able to share project efficiencies with the client resulting in a 50 percent rebate of the approved project cost.

Project Details

ESI was awarded a lump-sum contract of $1,400,000 to remediate petroleum hydrocarbons soil contamination at this specialty grease blending manufacturing and packaging facility.

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