Regulatory Agency: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Contaminants: Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Remediation: Excavation
Treatment: Offsite Disposal
Scope: Investigate, Design, and Remediate

Project Summary
The extent of the impacted soil extended beneath a portion of the residential structure and standing deck.

Soil remediation consisted of excavation and off-site disposal. Prior to excavation activities, a protective structural support system was installed. Through field documentation, revealed neither a groundwater investigation or remedial action was required.

NJDEP issued an Unrestricted Use – No Further Action & Covenant Not to Sue Letter.

Photo: A structural support system including helical pilings was installed to prevent structural damage during excavation activities.

Project Details
A release was reported to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) following the removal of a 550-gallon No. 2 Fuel Oil underground storage tank (UST).

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