Regulatory Agency: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection – Land Recycling Program
Contaminants: Petroleum Hydrocarbons, PAHs, and Metals
Remediation: Total Fluids Recovery; Product Recovery; In-situ Treatment; Dual-Phase Extraction; and High Vacuum Extraction, Capping
Scope: Investigate, Design, Build and OperateProject Summary

  • ESI guaranteed its price for remediation and its performance. This enabled the client to complete the sale of the refinery.
  • The client capped their remediation costs, completed a strategic business move, and returned funds from their environmental reserve because the ESI’s price guarantee was less than the reserve amount.
  • The new owners received the liability protections they sought.

Project Details

ESI took complete responsibility for obtaining liability protection for this 220-acre, 117-year old, active petroleum refinery.

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