Regulatory Agency: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection – Land Recycling Program
Contaminants: Petroleum Hydrocarbons, PAHs, and Metals
Remediation: Total Fluids Recovery; Product Recovery; In-situ Treatment; Dual-Phase Extraction; and High Vacuum Extraction, Capping
Scope: Investigate, Design, Build and OperateProject Summary

  • ESI guaranteed its price for remediation and its performance. This enabled the client to complete the sale of the refinery.
  • The client capped their remediation costs, completed a strategic business move, and returned funds from their environmental reserve because the ESI’s price guarantee was less than the reserve amount.
  • The new owners received the liability protections they sought.

Project Details

ESI took complete responsibility for obtaining liability protection for this 220-acre, 117-year old, active petroleum refinery.

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Liquid phase hydrocarbons, ranging from light crude to lighter end and more volatile materials, were determined to be present under approximately 40% of the facility.

ESI quickly implemented a 400-gallon per minute, total fluids pumping and treatment system to eliminate seepage into an adjacent water body. After the first year, the system recovered approximately 200,000 gallons of mixed product and stopped the seeps.

ESI fully delineated the contamination, confirming that complete hydraulic control had been established, and optimizing product recovery.

ESI’s efforts were complicated because the refinery operations could not be hindered and underground and aboveground utilities from approximately 300 tanks were to be protected.

A dual-phase extraction system was designed to reduce dissolved phase and adsorbed concentrations to acceptable levels. PADEP risk and ecological assessments were used to develop realistic, site-specific endpoints. The end goal of the project was to obtain the release of liability under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program.