Regulatory Agency: Kansas State Department of Health and Environment
Contaminants: Chlorinated Solvents and Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Remediation: Excavation, Pump & Treat, Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Air Sparge, Land-farming
Scope: Regulatory Negotiations and Closure, RemediationProject Summary

  • Eliminated Consent Decree requirement for maintaining soil cap, allowing area reuse in a building construction project
  • Reduced site closure costs from $30 to $2.4 million
  • Negotiated first use of Fenton Reagent injection for groundwater remediation in the State of Kansas
  • Completed remediation of site soils to State standards within seven months of project award
  • Established formula to share project efficiencies with the PRP Group

Project Details

A Consent Decree required a source area permanent soil cap and a pump & treat system to address a groundwater plume in 1988. After 10 years, groundwater contamination levels had not materially decreased. The PRP Group solicited bids from a group of contractors.

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ESI returned a winning lump sum to a closure bid of $1.85 million. The then previous consultant’s lump sum bid was $30 million.

ESI then negotiated substantial modifications to the Consent Decree with the State of Kansas. The cap was removed and over 7,000 old product and waste drums were discovered and removed for disposal.

Contaminated soils were land-farmed on-site until they met Kansas soil standards allowing on-site re-use. A facility building project was allowed to make use of the formally capped area.

ESI modified the pump & treat system for better source area capture and installed a pulsed air sparge system to greatly reduce groundwater remediation time and expense. Fenton Reagent and nutrient injection to encourage chemical oxidation and bioremediation are augmenting the air sparge system.