Regulatory Agency: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) – Industrial Site Remediation Act (ISRA)
Contaminants: Volatile Organics (Groundwater ) Metals, Volatile Organics, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon and Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Soil)
Remediation: Pump and Treat (Total Fluids) and Soil Excavation
Treatment: Air Stripping, Activated Carbon, and Offsite Disposal
Scope: Investigate, Investigate, Remediate, Design, Build and OperateProject Summary

  • ESI conducted a Preliminary Assessment / Site Investigation (PA/SI) at the facility and identified over 40 Areas of Concern (AOCs).
  • Investigations identified contaminants in soil and groundwater requiring remediation.
  • Soil remediation consisted of excavation and off-site disposal. Groundwater remediation has consisted of pump-and-treat.
  • Property is currently being redeveloped and returned to productive use.

Project Details

Cessation of operations and the sale of the property triggered ISRA.

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