Regulatory Agency: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)
Contaminants: Volatile Organic Compounds
Remediation: Groundwater
Treatment: In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
Scope: Investigate & RemediateProject Summary

  • ESI reviewed historical UST closure documentation to determine compliance status and plan the remedial investigation.
  • Remedial investigation confirmed contaminants in groundwater in a very limited area requiring remediation.
  • A customized Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) was chosen as the least disruptive approach during high profile property transaction period.
  • A Remedial Action Workplan was submitted and approved by the NJDEP for In-Situ Chemical Oxidation as the remedial action (ISCO).
  • The Remedial Action is currently in process.

Project Details

During the construction of a New Research and Development Building, a 1,000-gallon Underground Storage Tank (UST) was discovered. There was no record of the tank at the time of discovery.

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It was believed the tank had likely been used for storage of waste solvents, generated from R&D and/or Quality Control laboratories associated with the previous pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The tank was registered with the NJDEP, removed, and a UST Closure Report was submitted. ESI provided LSRP services and guided the client through the rapidly changing NJDEP regulations and protocol at that time.

Working closely with the client and other tenants’ business operations, Enviro-Sciences installed additional monitoring wells to complete the horizontal and vertical delineation, and conducted the geophysical, hydrogeological, and receptor evaluation studies, and updated the Conceptual Site Model.

A groundwater disposal program was conducted as an Interim Remedial Measure (IRM); designed to be the least invasive during the transaction. The IRM successfully reduced the groundwater contaminant levels to a range suitable for active treatment.

ESI submitted a Remedial Investigation Report and the Remedial Action Workplan to the NJDEP which approved the application for Permit by Rule for Injection of groundwater treatments. Remedial Action is currently in progress to meet Groundwater Quality Standards.