Regulatory Agency: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)
Contaminants: Volatile Organic Compounds
Remediation: Groundwater
Treatment: In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
Scope: Investigate & RemediateProject Summary

  • ESI reviewed historical UST closure documentation to determine compliance status and plan the remedial investigation.
  • Remedial investigation confirmed contaminants in groundwater in a very limited area requiring remediation.
  • A customized Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) was chosen as the least disruptive approach during high profile property transaction period.
  • A Remedial Action Workplan was submitted and approved by the NJDEP for In-Situ Chemical Oxidation as the remedial action (ISCO).
  • The Remedial Action is currently in process.

Project Details

During construction of a New Research and Development Building, a 1,000-gallon Underground Storage Tank (UST) was discovered. There was no record of the tank at the time of discovery.

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