Regulatory Agency: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Contaminants: Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Remediation: Building Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Excavation, and Pump & Treat
Scope: Investigate, Investigate, Design, Operate, Purchase, and Sell the property. Project Summary

  • Delineation of the impacted soil extended beneath a portion of a residential structure and standing deck.
  • S Prior to excavation activities, a protective structural support system was installed. Soil remediation included excavation and off-site disposal.
  • Through field documentation, groundwater remediation was not required.
  • NJDEP issued an AOC, Unrestricted Use – No Further Action, Covenant Not to Sue Letter.

Project Details

This facility had conducted petroleum-blending operations for many years. A wide variety of oils, grease, lubricants, and additives had been used at the site, and many were found in soil and groundwater.

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Using a risk-based strategy, Enviro-Sciences was able to negotiate reasonable closure limits.

This limited the active remediation to only a few areas of the plant. All source areas were controlled, some facilities decommissioned or demolished, and remediation was completed within two years.

Regulators have approved the final closure of the site, allowing the site to be redeveloped.