Regulatory Agency: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Contaminants: Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Remediation: Building Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Excavation, and Pump & Treat
Scope: Investigate, Investigate, Design, Operate, Purchase, and Sell the propertyProject Summary

  • Delineation of the impacted soil extended beneath a portion of a residential structure and standing deck.
  • S Prior to excavation activities, a protective structural support system was installed. Soil remediation included excavation and off-site disposal.
  • Through field documentation, groundwater remediation was not required.
  • NJDEP issued an AOC, Unrestricted Use – No Further Action, Covenant Not to Sue Letter.

Project Details

This facility had conducted petroleum-blending operations for many years. A wide variety of oils, grease, lubricants, and additives had been used at the site, and many were found in soil and groundwater.

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