Regulatory Agency: Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality & Environmental Protection Agency
Contaminants: Chlorinated Solvents
Remediation: Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Air Sparging (AS)
Treatment: Vapor & Liquid Phase Activated Carbon
Scope: Pilot Study, System Design, Construction & Operation to ClosureProject Summary

  • Design/build contract allowed project phases from pilot testing, design, to construction to be completed within months vs. years.
  • All schedule milestones were achieved this high visibility project.
  • Soil and groundwater cleanup levels were achieved within one year of system operation.

Project Details

ESI signed a performance-based contract to bring chlorinated solvent contaminated soil and groundwater at a dry cleaner site to specified cleanup levels within one year of system operation.

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EPA specified contract specified cleanup levels were to be met within one year or ESI would have been subject to forfeiture of a performance bond of over $300,000. The EPA suspected this site, along with several others, was contaminating the municipal drinking water supply of Columbus, NE.

This project was conducted as a subcontractor to the prime contractor under the EPA Region 7’s Rapid Response Services (ERRS) Contract. Under this fast track project, ESI constructed a treatment building, an assortment of horizontal and vertical SVE wells, and shallow and deep AS wells; conducted a pilot test; and completed the final remediation system design within four months.

Site work was conducted without any accidents and with minimal disruption to dry cleaning operations. Closure criteria were achieved at all soil & groundwater compliance locations within one year.