Regulatory Agency: Multi-State, EPA, and OSHA
Facility Types: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundries, casting facilities, and support facilities
Contaminants: Volatile Organic Compounds
Scope: Multi-Site Due Diligence Site Assessments covering multi-media compliance issues. Project Summary

  • Identified additional facilities of concern not identified in initial property list.
  • Used regional teams and central report generation location to control costs and to improve report QA/QC.
  • Managed and met shortened schedule using ESI’s surge personnel management structure.
  • Provided compliance and remediation cost estimates for acquisition price negotiations.

Project Details

The purchaser of 28 ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, casting facilities, machining/finish casting, warehouses, and landfills retained ESI to conduct due diligence site assessments.

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This acquisition was an SEC governed leverage buyout. ESI’s scope of work included evaluating the environmental compliance program at each of the facilities. A separate report on compliance upgrade, pollution control, and remediation costs was provided for property acquisition price negotiations.

ESI executed this project using five regionally-based site assessment teams with a central report development location to cost-effectively handle the eight states where the properties were located. In the middle of the project, SEC acquisition approval came several weeks earlier than expected.

As a result, ESI completed and delivered reports two weeks ahead of schedule. ESI provided recommendations for site management to reduce the likelihood of environmental liabilities.