Regulatory Agency: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), & Various Other State Agencies
Contaminants: Predominantly Volatile Organic Compounds and various Inorganics
Remediation: To Include, but not limited to, Groundwater Recovery, Monitored Natural Attenuation (to include but not be limited to)
Scope: Traditional Environmental Consulting, Contract Employees, Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) ServicesProject Summary

  • Lead consultant for a groundwater remediation program. Responsible for the upgrade and operation of the groundwater system. Associated groundwater monitoring program; agency discharge permit compliance; and liaison with regulators and current property owner.
  • Completed investigation(s) and/or remedial action(s) such as monitored natural attenuation by establishing a Classification Exemption Area (CEA) and obtaining a NJDEP Groundwater and Remedial Action Permits.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of various on and offsite NJDEP Soil Permits.
  • LSRP services included, but were not limited to issuance of an ISRA Site-wide Restricted Use Remedial Action Outcome (RAO).
  • Completed Environmental Audits at various client-related facilities nationwide. Negotiate, conduct, and maintain long-term monitoring programs for groundwater and/or vapor at multiple locations
  • Valuable internal team member via multiple employee contracts supporting their environmental and compliance group.
  • On-call for environmental issues that arise attributed to site improvements with such worked closely with their site improvement contractors to meet established deadlines.

Project Details

ESI has proven to be a valuable team member to one of our Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Clients. We provide traditional environmental consulting and LSRP services, as well as being a trusted resource in the form of providing contract employees.