Enviro-Sciences provides a wide range of workplace consulting services to fulfill regulatory requirements, satisfy clients’ environmental health and safety (EHS) needs, and prevent losses. Services offered to include the following:

• Facility audits
• Indoor air quality evaluations
• Program planning and assistance, including professional staff training
• Assessments of employee exposures to materials and process hazards
• ISO 14000 consulting

Recent Workplace Consulting Service Tasks Include:

• Reviewed corporate and facility EHS programs to identify gaps in meeting management’s expectations
• Established EHS strategies and action plans to be consistent with clients’ corporate EHS goals
and objectives
• Upgraded EHS policies and practices
• Measured worker exposures to chemical hazards and noise
• Developed, performed, and led formal EHS audits of facilities and external TSDFs
• Provided on-site technical assistance to meet short-term workforce needs
• Developed training to increase management cooperation, make programs more
effective, and enhance the technical development of professional staff
• Evaluated indoor air quality (physical parameters and biological contamination), and
recommended improvements in order to eliminate employee complaints
• Evaluated existing management systems for compatibility with ISO 14000
• Coordinated and led the ISO 14001 registration process