Enviro-Sciences provides a wide range of toxicology and risk assessment services, including TSCA compliance, product registration, and environmental risk assessment. These services are often provided to satisfy regulatory requirements for product advocacy and defense. We also offer epidemiological research to provide defensible solutions to chemical exposures or releases. Recent Toxicology and Risk Assessment Service Tasks Include:

• Registration of new products and performance product risk assessments, including implementation of toxicology testing programs. Examples of tasks performed include FDA registration of a high-intensity sweetener, TSCA approval of a stain-resistant carpet finish, and toxicology and biodegradation testing of nylon 6.

• ESI has reviewed epidemiology literature and prepared response papers, performed targeted human health studies, and designed surveillance programs.

• ESI has performed human and ecological risk assessments, analyzed and evaluated risks, developed risk-based criteria, and negotiated favorable risk-based corrective action (RBCA) criteria to reduce environmental liabilities and the associated costs. ESI has performed risk assessments of Superfund, RCRA, and State-led sites to prioritize remedial actions and reduce remediation costs.

• ESI has developed site-specific health-based cleanup goals for all environmental media and negotiated regulatory acceptance of project-specific health-based cleanup goals.