Enviro-Sciences provides environmental compliance services, including the following:

• Air Quality Permitting, Monitoring, and Modeling
• Compliance Plans (SPCC, RCRA, other)
• Stormwater and Wastewater Permitting
• TSDF AuditsRegulatory Compliance Services Include:

Our staff has successfully performed the following tasks for clients:

• ESI prepares air permits for various agencies and regulatory authorities for discharges from remediation systems and industrial facilities. Typical permits include a process description, descriptions of air pollution control devices, emissions modeling, and monitoring plans to ensure permits limits are not exceeded during the operation of the permitted control devices, operation, or system.

• ESI prepares pre-construction and Title V operating permit applications.

• ESI analyzes air pollutant emissions from continuing sources at operating facilities and under different operating scenarios.

• ESI provides stormwater and wastewater permitting services, including baseline monitoring and submittal of the initial permit applications, as well as ongoing stormwater and wastewater sampling, analyses, and preparation of monthly reports for all wastewater discharges. Permits are prepared and field monitoring performed to ensure compliance with NPDES and other federal, state, county, municipal and facility-specific requirements for all types of discharges to surface water and groundwater.

• ESI assists its clients in the management of their hazardous wastes through auditing of their client’s operation to minimize the number of TSDFs used and to participate in waste minimization practices.