Our internationally certified Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) provide various technical services to a wide range of clients through a multi-media and multi-disciplinary lens. ESI’s team has extensive experience in solving complex environmental problems with real-world ramifications.

Our QEPs adhere to a strict code of ethics and the highest standard of work quality. ESI can provide QEP assessments in the following areas…

  1. Air Quality
  2. Water Quality
  3. Waste Management
  4. Environmental Science, Management, and Policy

Additionally, QEPs certified by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP), are considered NYSDEC Qualified Environmental Professionals for the purposes of Site Investigation and Remediation in various New York State Regulatory programs.

A QEP, as defined by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

“Means a person, including a firm headed by such person, who possesses sufficient specific education, training, and experience necessary to exercise professional judgment to develop opinions and conclusions regarding the presence of releases or threatened releases to the surface or subsurface of a site or off-site areas, sufficient to meet the objectives and performance factors for the areas of practice identified by this guidance.”

Don’t let environmental compliance issues potentially disrupt your business! ESI staff has extensive experience conducting air quality compliance audits – a useful tool to diagnose and help mitigate potential permit exceedances.  

Our network of global business contacts will ensure your project is managed as efficiently as possible. Let ESI’s QEPs provide technical oversight for your next big project.         

Contact our QEPs

Christopher Buck

Email: cbuck@enviro-sciences.com
Tel: 973-398-8183

Chris Whitehead

Email: cwhitehead@enviro-sciences.com
Tel: 973-398-8183