Enviro-Services Inc. provides diverse and professional services to clients on an outsourcing basis to our clients. This program is very effective at extending clients’ staffing capabilities by providing experienced environmental professionals for either short-term or long-term projects, operations, or program needs. ESI has been referred to by our clients as their environmental conscience by providing a common-sense voice on their environmental needs.

ESI provides the following experience and advantages to our clients:

• Provides experienced professionals on an as-needed basis to fulfill resource needs.
• Fills gaps in staffing in instances where hiring cannot be justified
Eliminates the administrative and financial burdens of creating staff openings, recruiting, hiring, and retaining new personnel.
• Access to personnel can be expedited through the establishment of a blanket contract for outsourcing services.
• Readily extends existing staffing levels to facilitate business upsizing or strategic growth.
• Provides a simplified approach to meet staff needs with a time-sensitive approach. Outsourcing Services Include:

• Provides third party review and risk assessment services for single site or large portfolio acquisitions
• Prepare filings, permits, or other applications for environmental activities at operating facilities or for remediation projects
• Audit a facility to identify potential areas of environmental concern or potential workplace health or safety issues
• Provide expert testimony or litigation support services to provide expertise from an external party to validate client claims or challenge opposition claims
• Provide third-party quality assurance or quality control services
• Oversee site assessments and/or review delineation data to ensure investigatory efforts are properly focused towards achieving remedial goals
• Provide technology assessments or design services to provide optimal remedies for cleanup of contaminated sites
• Manage remediation and other construction activities and perform related reporting functions
• Negotiate favorable regulatory terms such as risk-based closure criteria