Collaborative Team Member, Environmental Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Various Locations

Regulatory Agency: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), & Various Other State Agencies
Contaminants: Predominantly Volatile Organic Compounds and various Inorganics
Remediation: To Include, but not Limited to, Groundwater Recovery, Monitored Natural Attenuation (to include but not be limited to)
Scope: Traditional Environmental Consulting, Contract Employees, Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services

Project Summary
  • Lead consultant for a groundwater remediation program. Responsible for the upgrade and operation of the groundwater system. Associated groundwater monitoring program; agency discharge permit compliance; and liaison with regulators and current property owner.
  • Completed investigation(s) and/or remedial action(s) such as monitored natural attenuation by establishing a Classification Exemption Area (CEA) and obtaining a NJDEP Groundwater and Remedial Action Permits.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of various on and offsite NJDEP Soil Permits.
  • LSRP services included, but were not limited to issuance of an ISRA Site-wide Restricted Use Remedial Action Outcome (RAO).
  • Completed Environmental Audits at various client-related facilities nationwide. Negotiate, conduct, and maintain long-term monitoring programs for groundwater and/or vapor at multiple locations
  • Valuable internal team member via multiple employee contracts supporting their environmental and compliance group.
  • On-call for environmental issues that arise attributed to site improvements with such worked closely with their site improvement contractors to meet established deadlines.
Photo: ESI found ways to remove PCBs from concrete surfaces effectively, and with no fugitive emissions. This made project economics favorable while reducing community concern with remediation.
Project Details

ESI has proven to be a valuable team member to one of our Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Clients. We provide traditional environmental consulting and LSRP services, as well as being a trusted resource in the form of providing contract employees.