Community Assistance Programs Atlantic City Tunnel Project

Regulatory Agency: New USEPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Counsel
Scope: Technical services under environmental justice law suit settlement

Project Summary
  • Clarified community health, environmental, and quality of life concerns into practical engineering recommendations.
  • Clearly communicated in radio and press presentations the community‚Äôs concerns and the technical basis for recommended remedial actions.
  • Incorporation of recommended remedial actions harmonized community concerns with completion of the tunnel project.
Photo:Sound environmental engineering analysis of potential community impacts identified specific practical solutions that protected community civil rights and allowed the timely completion of this important transportation infrastructure project.
Project Details

ESI provided technical services to residents who had settled a lawsuit with the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) regarding the civil rights concerns of potential impacts from a tunnel project.

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The plaintiffs settled the lawsuit only after SJTA made a specific commitment to address all issues of potential impacts within project plans to the residents. Enviro-Sciences’ role was to analyze all aspects of the project to identify all areas of potential impacts to the residents.