Engineering Services

By on November 23, 2019

Enviro-Sciences’ project team has the expertise to provide services from the remedial investigation to the design/build of the remedial system. We have had success in dealing with complex remedial issues in soil, groundwater, and vapor. Our focus is on identifying an appropriate remedial strategy that can achieve site closure as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This approach continues through the implementation and maintenance of the selected remedy, further streamlining the cost and timeframe necessary to achieve cleanup goals and client objectives.Our Engineering Services Include:

• Property Condition Assessments
• Feasibility Studies
• Technology Assessments
• Engineering Design and Design/Build
• Groundwater Treatment Systems
• Pump and treat
• Air sparging
• Chemical oxidation

• Other treatment technologies
• Soil Treatment Systems
• Excavation and disposal
• Soil vapor extraction
• In-situ and ex-situ solidification
• In-situ and ex-situ stabilization
• Other treatment technologies
• Construction Management
• Operations & Maintenance