Flipping Horseshoe Crabs in Cape May, NJ

Horseshoe Crabs spawning in Cape May, NJ while migrating birds take a rest and eat the eggs

In celebration of World Oceans Day (6/8/2021), our own Kristie Samples, hydrogeologist, had the opportunity to take this photo at Reeds Beach in Cape May, NJ. The photo shows horseshoe crabs spawning and migrating birds taking a rest and eating the eggs. The Wildlife Commission encourages people to flip over stranded horseshoe crabs so they can return to the ocean.

Horseshoe crabs are…

• Estimated to be nearly 450 million years old
• Not actually crabs! They are closer to arachnids.
• …and their eggs are a source of food for migratory birds, sea turtles, and some fish.

ESI is proud to have a staff dedicated to environmental sustainability. Visit an aquarium, take part in a beach clean-up, or donate to a marine/ocean organization; these are some of the ways each of us can help improve and preserve water quality and the diversity of marine species for future generations.

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